The Difference B/W Dark Brown & White Sugar?

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You pull out your go-to recipe and head to the kitchen cupboards, only to discover that you're out of light brown sugar. So, are these two things comparable to one another?

Healthline states that the molasses concentration in brown sugar gives it a rich toffee and caramel-like flavor while also making it less sweet than white sugar.

White sugar is used to sweeten, while brown sugar is used to intensify the flavor, therefore both are commonly called for in recipes.

White granulated sugar is molasses-free & refined. On the other hand, brown sugar retains its natural molasses, per Healthline.

There is a difference between the two, with light brown sugar containing less molasses than its darker counterpart, but otherwise being very comparable.

Imperial Sugar claims that the greater molasses content in dark brown sugar gives it a somewhat bolder flavor and slightly more acidity and wetness.

Due to this, dark brown sugar might somewhat modify the chemistry of baked items.

Cookies baked with dark brown sugar may rise higher and taste more caramel-y. Differences don't destroy a recipe.

It is a matter of preference and taste, so if you favor light brown sugar, purchase and bake with it. If you like dark brown sugar, you'll appreciate its added kick.

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