The Difference B/W White & Apple Cider Vinegar!

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You may be wondering why not simply use white vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar. There are numerous significant differences!

1) Unlike apple vinegar, white vinegar is produced through the fermentation of maize or grain alcohol as opposed to apples, and the production process is distinct.

2) The hue of white vinegar is clear, whereas apple cider vinegar should be an orange or peach color.

3) Despite the fact that the acetic acid content of white vinegar and ACV in water is very similar, white vinegar is more effective in the cooking.

4) ACV is well-known in the holistic community as a treatment for a variety of digestive disorders. White vinegar is not a suitable substitute for ACV in this case.

5) ACV may be more effective at repelling insects. While both have an unique odor that bugs dislike, ACV is recognized to be an effective bug repellant.

6) For cleaning purposes, either can be used. White vinegar's lower pH indicates that it contains more acid. Both has a strong odor.

Can They Be Substituted For Each Other?

The reply is no! Both should always be kept on hand in the home. 

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