The Difference B/W White & Yellow Corn Tortillas!

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Corn tortillas are the foundation of everyone's favorite meal of the week, taco night, but there are a few distinct varieties of corn tortillas available.

All maize tortillas begin with a base known as masa harina. Masa harina is a cornmeal or corn flour produced by soaking corn in calcium hydroxide.

This technique is used to break down many of the toxins in maize and release essential elements such as iron, vitamin B3, niacin, and calcium.

Masa Harina comes in a range of hues that are tied to the type of corn used to make it. Some of the most popular colors are white and yellow.

If you ask most people, "taste" is the defining feature, and there isn't much of a difference between the two.

Numerous individuals assert that either white or yellow maize is sweeter than the other, however the color of the masa harina does not affect its flavor or sweetness.

Typically, yellow corn tortillas would have a richer corn flavor, but toasted white tortillas will have a more earthy, nutty flavor.

Nutritionally, these two options differ. Masterclass says corn's color comes from beta-carotene, which the body turns into Vitamin A.

Yellow corn tortillas have higher antioxidant lutein (via Food Insight). Mostly, Nutritionists recommend yellow corn tortillas.

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