The Link Between Prolonged Sitting & Kidney Disease!

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If you spend the most of your working day seated, you are not alone. Unfortunately, prolonged sitting can have several negative health consequences.

What Prolong Sitting Can Do?

According to WebMD, it can cause diabetes, cancer, and heart attacks. Moreover, prolonged sitting increases the risk of chronic renal disease in women.

Women Get More Affected!

Women who sit for less than three hours per day are 30% less likely than those who sit for more than three hours per day to develop chronic renal disease.

But Why More Women?

Regular exercise can help males counteract these effects, but not females. Women should stand as much as they can during the day.

The Symptoms

Fatigue, weakness, nausea, vomiting, infections, bleeding, and skin changes are all symptoms of chronic renal failure. Fluid retention in severe CKD may induce leg or ankle swelling.

How To Avoid It?

Walking is one of the most simple strategies to avoid sitting all day. Take a break from work when you can to get some fresh air.

Standing up and walking about can assist your body offset the detrimental consequences of sitting. Walking alone won't help.

Stretching Can Also Help!

Stretching also increases circulation and relaxes tense muscles. The cat and cow pose extends the spine and helps to prevent lower back pain.

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