The Most Dangerous Countries In The World in 2022

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9) The Central African Republic

This is another country that has a big part of the population displaced and facing big issues. 

8) Somalia

Somalia is an African country that has over 20% population displaced due to internal war and no work from the government. 

7) Iraq

The country famous for being under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussain is still one of the most dangerous countries in the world. 

6) The Democratic Republic of Congo

This country is another victim of internal conflicting and the issue it is facing from the armed groups inside. 

5) South Sudan

South Sudan is another dangerous country in the world due to its ongoing internal war & conflicts. 

4) Russia

Russia is ranked no. 4th due to its ongoing war with Ukraine and how it is attacking Ukraine. 

3) Syria

Everyone has heard about the conditions in Syria and how the infighting in Syria is making it a worse nation. 

2) Yemen

Yemen is the second most dangerous country because of the civil war and its relations with its neighbors. 

1) Afghanistan 

Afghanistan is no doubt the most dangerous country in the world due to the Taliban and what happened in 2022.

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