The Most Popular World Foods You Have to Try

Kofta - MENA, Caucasus, Balkans, Central Asia

Kofta are ground beef, lamb, pork, or chicken meatballs or kababs with onions and spices. This recipe uses classic Mediterranean flavours and can be grilled or baked, depending on equipment and season.

Bo Bun, a Vietnamese beef noodle salad

Vietnamese beef and noodle salad with contrasting flavours and textures. Thin rice vermicelli noodles, bean sprouts, sauteed beef, raw veggies, lettuce, herbs, and crushed peanuts are traditional ingredients

France's Quiche Lorraine

This Lorraine-style quiche has eggs, cream, and bacon. Quiches are simple and versatile enough for even inexperienced cooks.

Japan's Katsudon

Japanese food goes beyond sushi. Ramen, rice bowls, soba noodles, curries, dumplings, savoury pancakes. Katsudon is steamed rice topped with a panko-crusted pork cutlet and egg.

Spain's omelette

This potato and egg dish, tortilla espaola, is easy to make and a great quick dinner option. Once you understand the concept, you can experiment with different ingredients.

Germany's Currywurst

If you've never had German currywurst, it's easy to make at home. This recipe uses homemade curry ketchup on steamed and fried pork sausages.

India's Chicken Masala

This isn't chicken tikka masala. This recipe shows how to make masala paste from scratch to make a flavorful chicken sauce.

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