The Perfect Age Gap For Relationship Success!

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It has long been argued that age and love share many similarities. And as it turns out, the answer is yes. We are all familiar with the stereotypes associated with age-gap relationships.

If an older man marries a much younger woman, he is cradle-robber. If an older woman dates a younger man, she's a cougar and he's a cougar hunter.

Regardless of why the couples met and whether they stay together, science says their relationship has a limited lifespan due to the age gap.

Some may argue that age is just a number, but research has shown that there is a sweet spot for ages between partners that spells "true love."

Andrew Francis conducted a study on the longevity of marriage and found that the greater the age gap between spouses, the higher the probability of the marriage ending in divorce.

More than 3,000 newlyweds and divorcees were surveyed. The researchers found that the older the spouses, the more likely they were to divorce.

In general, the closer in age you are to your partner, the greater the likelihood that your relationship will endure.

If you and your partner are five years apart, your breakup risk is 18% higher. If you're 10 years apart, it's 39%.

If you marry someone even one year older or younger than you, you increase your chances of divorce by 3 percent.

The likelihood of a breakup or divorce is more than 30 times higher in such relationships than in those between people of the same age.

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