The Reasons Behind Dogs Doing Zoomies!

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Every dog owner knows what it's like to have their dog get the zoomies and spin around in circles, jump over the couch, or run off at the park.

What It Is Called?

Zoomies, or frantic random activity periods (FRAPs), indicate a lot about your dog's mental health, including his or her level of dog anxiety.

Why It Happens?

Zoomies are a sign of physical or nervous overexertion in dogs, according to the American Kennel Club (such after being groomed).

Reason: Excitement

Excitement and high levels of energy frequently lead to the "zoomies" in dogs. Zoomies are common in newly-bathed or crate-free puppies.

Or Learned Behavior

Zoomies may be a learned behavior your dog picked up to make you happy, especially if you excite them while they're zooming around.

Or Nervous!

Zooming could suggest discomfort in a dog. After a stressful walk or trip to the vet, your dog may experience anxiety-related hyperactivity.

How To Identify?

Their facial muscles are stiff, their ears are pushed back, and when they wag their tail, they do not move their entire body.

How to calm them?

How can you calm a hyperdog? Consult a veterinarian or a behavior analyst if your dog frequently gets the zoomies.

Once you've determined the source of the issue, you can work on a solution, such as training the dog a more acceptable response.

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