The Signs Indicating Your Liver is in Trouble!

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1) Digestive problems

Digestive issues are common. But, frequent digestive difficulties may indicate a liver condition. Consult a doctor if pain persists.

2) Heavy liver

A heavy liver is a common symptom of illness. Your liver is blocked. If it persists for a long time,  see a doctor.

3) Stomach pain

Consistent right-side abdominal pain should raise red flags. Liver cancer may be diagnosed if the pain in the upper abdomen reaches to the right shoulder.

4) Extreme fatigue

A fatty liver or one with liver cancer or cirrhosis has trouble storing vitamins and minerals the body needs, which can make you feel tired.

5) Decreased appetite

Appetite loss has several causes. Depressed or anxious? If you haven't eaten in days, you may have liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, or cancer.

6) Jaundice

Jaundice is easily identifiable. Patients affected by this disorder exhibit yellow skin and mucous membranes, indicating a buildup of bile pigments in the blood and tissues.

7) Nausea

Nausea doesn't always indicate liver disease. However, persistent or recurring nausea is concerning. You might have cancer or cirrhosis.

8) Pale stools

In some cases, pale feces may be a sign that your liver isn't working properly. Wait a few days to see if the discoloration is from a recent meal.

9) Dark urine

Darker-than-normal urine may indicate acute hepatitis. Several days of tea-colored pee warrants a medical evaluation.

10) Itchy skin

Liver trouble is occasionally the issue. An increase in bilirubin (the yellow pigment in bile) induced by primary biliary cholangitis or another liver condition causes itching.

11) Constipation

Having irritable bowel syndrome is possible. Constipation is also common in individuals with liver cancer. Consequently, see your doctor immediately.

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