The Trick to Keep Crispiness of Open Potato Chips! 

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You've finished your work for the day, so you grab for favorite potato chips. Surprisingly, the chips bag you opened only two days ago has grown soggy.

Both potato chips and French fries are made from deep-frying potatoes, which implies that both lose their appeal after a while even.

The crunchiness of the chip is produced of hydrophilic starch molecules, which attract moisture, resulting in sogginess after some time.

What's the solution?

A silica gel packet — the little white pouch seen in new purses — will prolong the crispiness of potato chips.

Because silica gel is a desiccant, it absorbs excess moisture. Silica gel absorbs moisture and releases it when the atmosphere is too dry.

The starchy molecules of the potato chip would absorb some of the moisture, but the silica gel package can absorb a lot more, so the chips don't go soggy.

"DO NOT EAT" labels on silica gel packages may dissuade you from putting them in chips. The Illinois Poison Center says this label is just for choking precaution.

Small children may choke on silica gel balls, but they're nontoxic if swallowed. This potent desiccant is good to keep around for cooking.

When you rip open a new bag of chips, place a silica gel packet inside so you can enjoy them for days.

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