These 9 Dog Breeds Don't Bark Much!

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1) Basenji

If you're looking for the world's quietest dog, look no farther than the Basenji, which is also known as the "barkless dog."

2) Chow Chow

Although they are naturally wary of strangers and protective of their owners and property, this breed is not one to yell at them.

3) Pug

All of the funny and endearing Pugs are not a breed that is typically associated with heightened attentiveness or loud dispositions.

4) Bernese Mountain Dog

According to the AKC, these gentle giants are neither completely silent nor exceptionally noisy, placing them in the middle of barking levels.

5) Borzoi

Borzoi are regarded feline-like in their demeanor. Borzoi are also sighthounds, and are consequently not prone to excessive barking or general commotion.

6) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The noise level of these adorable lapdogs ranges from low to moderate, but one thing is certain: they like cuddling with their owners.

7) French Bulldog

The distinctive "Frenchie" bark serves mostly as a warning. Due to its laid-back demeanor and sociable personality, this toy breed makes a fantastic apartment dog.

8) Newfoundland

Often compared to the Bernese Mountain Dog in terms of both appearance and temperament, "Newfies" are characterized by an infrequent propensity to bark.

9) Scottish Deerhound

The AKC claims that Scottish Deerhounds are unusually quiet for dogs of their size, typically only barking to warn their owners to something.

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