This One Trick Can Make Your Mac&Cheese Creamier!

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The finest mac and cheese is loaded with cheese and has just the right amount of pasta. However, it is not always simple to maintain this uniformity.

If you try to melt an aged dry cheese, such as parmesan, your sauce will become gritty. A cheese that is too moist, such as feta, will result in a clumpy sauce.

While cheese type affects sauce consistency, it's not the only technique to manage mac and cheese creaminess. Another way works with boxed mac and cheese too.

The first step in preparing mac and cheese is the same whether you're cooking it from a box or from scratch. Pasta can be prepared by boiling it in water.

Replace Water With Milk

Replace the water with milk, as demonstrated by a viral TikTok, and you have the perfect base for creamy mac & cheese.

Rather than filtering the macaroni and discarding the milk as you would with pasta water, simply retain the milk for the sauce.

What to do next?

This approach makes macaroni and cheese creamier in two ways. First, the pasta absorbs the milk while it boils, resulting in a more luscious macaroni.

Second, the pasta's starches are reabsorbed by the milk, making the sauce thicker and creamier than if you had used a different liquid.

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