This Simple Ingredient To Thicken Soup!

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Even the simplest soup requires skill, especially if you're improvising, and occasionally the result is simply too watery.

If that has ever happened to you, continue reading for a way to thicken soup at any cooking (or non-cooking) stage.

Bread Is The Key!

Your summer soup will be transformed into a substantial, properly seasoned refresher thanks to the stale or dried-out bread that takes center stage in the salad.

In fact, Epicurious describes bread as "the secret to thicker, heartier soups," noting that "old and stale bread" is a common ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine.

Using bread to thicken soups is a simple method to add texture and bulk. It transforms a bowl of soup into a whole meal.

How to Use?

You can do this by putting a piece of bread in the bottom of each bowl before serving, by stirring in breadcrumbs just before dishing.

In Cold Soup

Adding breadcrumbs or bread bits to your blender when preparing a cold soup yields comparable effects.

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