Try To Avoid These Bad Hygiene Habits!

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1) Using Phone in Toilet

It's tempting to bring your phone into the restroom to check social media, but it will gather up and spread germs (including your face).

2) Using Q-Tips

Earwax that is pushed down the ear canal causes complications. This could result in irreversible eardrum and canal damage.

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3) Washing hair everyday

Shampooing removes dirt and excess oil from your scalp, resulting in healthy, lustrous hair. Too much of this may result in dry, lifeless hair.

4) Never washing hair

Hair neglect is also a major issue. Bacteria can clog your hair follicles and cause an illness. Shampoo your hair every 2-3 days.

5) Improper care of eyelash extensions

If a glue gets into your eye, it could irritate your cornea or perhaps cause permanent damage to your eyesight.

6) Not washing hands often

In order to avoid getting sick, it's important to regularly wash your hands. When you contact something dirty, you should wash your hands frequently.

7) Sharing your razor

Never share a razor, as this practice can spread germs like staph, which can lead to more serious illnesses like hepatitis and HIV.

8) Inadequate tooth brushing

It's easy to be careless with dental hygiene when you're still groggy from sleep. Brush for two minutes, twice daily. The bare bones.

9) Sleeping with contact lenses

It is possible to get eye irritation if you sleep with your contact lenses in. Nonetheless, in the worst-case scenario, corneal abrasion or infection may ensue.

10) Using dirty towels for many days

A used shower towel can hold bacteria, mold, and yeast after only a few days. This is because as we dry off, we leave behind a great deal of moisture.

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