Unluckiest Month For Each Zodiac Sign in 2023

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Aries: October

Your first half year will be great but you can have hurdles in October. Try to avoid doing any big changes in life.

Taurus: April

Surely the year will be great for work but a few hurdles will be there and they will come in April. So try to avoid them.

Gemini: November

The whole year will go smoothly until November when you will want some space and confront people.

Cancer: December

The whole year will go great but at the end of the year, you might get emotional and down about some things.

Leo: February

Leo, be ready for some fighting & drama in February. Your relationship will the cause for this. 

Virgo: August

You will feel pain and tough times in the month of August, so you need to be prepared for this. 

Libra: September

You might put your hand on various things and they might trouble you in the month of September. 

Scorpio: May

May may cause drama and tension in your life. The changing place of planets will cause trouble. 

Sagittarius: July

Your relationships might get hit in the month of July so you need to be careful about things. 

Capricorn: January

The start of the year will be bad for you and your fast pace decisions might affect your life.

Aquarius: June

The relationship vibes might get affected in June and you will feel the heat. 

Pisces: March

The month of march will be the, luckiest and unluckiest month for you.

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