Unusual Places Where You Can Find Your Soulmate

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1) Golf Course

Wanna find love why not try the golf course? But you have to get to the executive par 3 courses, where you can find less serious golfers.

2) Tennis Courts

You have to visit the back wall where you will find more solo players and less committed people. 

3) Gym

The gym can be a great place to bond with new people and may be finding your soulmate. 

4) Hiking Trails

Surely people go with their spouses and friends but many people go solo hiking, so you may have a chance. 

5) Sport Venues

Go watch a game of hockey, soccer, or gold alone, and you may find a person of your interest. 

6) Any social event

Any social event will work where you can meet new people like parties, get together or office parties. 

7) Aiport

Yes, it can happen at the airport. You just need to be more confident and be able to speak to strangers you like attractive. 

8) A new  course

It can be anything like a hobby course or a skill course. You may have chances to meet new people & find your lover. 

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