Use These Tips To Keep Your Wooden Cooking Utensils Clean!

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Wooden tools are robust but soft, so they won't shatter while stirring thick things, and they're mild enough to scrape food off the pan without harming it.

A major advantage of wooden utensils over those made of other materials is that most wooden spoons, flippers, etc. are natural and uncoated with chemicals.

While wooden utensils have antibacterial properties, they do discolor, burn, and crack, but there are techniques to ensure they last a long time and are safe to use.

1) Washing your wooden item immediately after use is one of the greatest things you can do for it. This helps to keep the wood from being discolored and retaining food odors.

2) But, Wooden utensils can shatter if soaked in water, so clean with mild soap. Putting these tools in the dishwasher can destroy the wood.

3) If you find that your wooden utensils are becoming too dry to use, you can add a little oil to them by rubbing them with mineral oil, walnut oil, or linseed oil.

4) Odors in wooden utensils can be eliminated using lemon or baking soda. Simply rub them with a lemon wedge or a mixture of baking soda and water.

5) It is also recommended that wooden utensils be sanitized with hydrogen peroxide. Air-dry them after washing to prevent them from expanding and cracking.

6) Additionally, discarded damaged wooden tools offer a health danger due to the possibility of bacterial growth in the cracks.

If you are seeking for a sustainable, affordable, chemical-free, and durable cooking equipment, a wooden spoon may be just what you need.

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