Ways To Prevent Birds From Nesting In Your Home!

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1) Install bird roosting spikes

Pigeons will flock to your home if you have any flat ledges on the exterior. Countermeasure: Set up a metal platform with crisscrossed roosting spikes.

You may use a staple gun to attach them, and the kits range in length from 10 to 100 feet. They pose no threat to avian life, so you may rest easy.

2) Use Foul Odors

Many smells that we find appealing really have the opposite effect on birds. Lemon and peppermint are two of them, which is interesting.

Make a repellent and spray it on your porch regularly if birds are making a home there (the top of the lamp is a popular spot).

3) Keep  your yard clean

Reducing bird nesting cover by trimming back shrubs and trees could make your property more appealing to potential buyers, though.

As you labor in the yard, gather stray twigs, dry leaves, and other nesting materials for birds. Ensure that you cover your trash as well.

4) Hang Shiny Lightweight Objects

Using old CDs, aluminum foil, or bright beads to deter birds from your yard and home is a tried-and-true strategy.

It is optimal to position mirrors and other reflecting objects where they will receive ample exposure to light and wind.

5) Don't feed birds

Do not provide birds anything to eat or drink if you wish to discourage them from visiting your property.

If you want to watch birds in your yard without having to deal with unwanted nesting, you should put bird feeders as far away from your house as feasible.

6) Install motion-activated sprinklers

Sprinklers and lights that turn on when motion is detected are effective day or night for keeping birds away.

The element of surprise is the key. Sprinklers that are activated by motion prevent deer and other land-based foragers.

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