Ways to Stop Cat From Scratching Your Furniture!

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While we love our feline friends dearly, they can be incredibly irritating due to their annoying habit of scratching the furniture.

There is good news, though: you can take steps to lessen the impact and promote less destructive habits. I'll tell you what to do!

1) Offer an alternative

If your cat is scratching the furniture, give them a better option. If they scratch vertically, a vertical scratching post is best.

2) Place scratcher rightly

Putting the scratcher on their favorite windowsill or napping spot will help them choose it over the furniture.

3) Use chemical persuasion

Catnip, either in spray form or as dried leaves, can be used to deter a determined feline from destroying your favorite chair.

4) Don’t punish your cat

As you may have noticed firsthand, cats don't learn from their mistakes. Scratching isn't necessarily associated in their minds with shouting, commands, or other sounds.

5) Use a barrier

Putting down a blanket, towel, or other fabric over a cat's favorite scratching post can deter them from using it.

6) Dull those nails

Nail caps could help you save at least some of your furniture from your cat, who seems determined to rip up all the exposed fabric she can get her claws on.

7) Don’t declaw!

Don't get your cat's claws cut off, no matter what. Your cat will feel pain during the procedure, and it will hurt their health in the long run.

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