WFH Jobs That Require Almost Zero Experience

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1) Customer Service Representative

For being a customer service representative, you need to have good communication skills & even zero experience. Even you can get on-the-job training. 

2) Writer

Do you know how to write essays, and articles, and can communicate things effectively in writing? If yes then you can easily get the job of a writer.

3) Data-Entry Clerk

Can you type fast and have a high school diploma? If yes, then it can be your job! In the job, you will need to process the data. It is an easy WFH job!

4) Graphic Designer

If your passion is editing pictures, and videos and making animated content then convert it into the job and get a WFH job. You can find work on Upwork. 

5) Online Community Manager

This job has been there since Facebook groups were there. The work? You need to keep checking on people online & if they are following community guidelines. 

6) Insurance Agent

As an insurance agent, you will need to call people and sell insurance or solve their problems. It requires little to zero prior experience. 

7) Tutor

If you love teaching and have a major in any subject, then you can try online tutoring. There are many platforms that give space for teachers to teach.

8) Software Engineer

If you have studied languages like C++, and HTML, then you can do work as a software engineer and easily it can be a WFH job.

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