What Are Your Qualities As Per Your Birth Date?

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If Born On 1,2,3

Overthink a lot, 
Have an analytical mind, 
Don't like to argue, 
Emotional but with Closeminded people, 
Are attracted towards ambition

If Born On 4,5,6

Opinionated as hell, 
Take charge face of danger, 
Always try to help others,
Very spontaneous

If Born On 7,8,9

Very stubborn but chilled out,
They love structure& security, 
Realist & practical, 
Knows how to hustle,
Family-like individuals

If Born On 11,12,13

Loves all things luxurious, 
Very dependable, 
Natural leaders, 
Craves popularity,
Kind and charming

If Born On 14,15,16

Extremely independent, 
A supportive and critical friend, 
Has a chatty mind, 
Very persuasive with their speech, 
Doesn't like confrontation

If Born On 17,18,19

Driven by ambition, 
Can be brutal with their words, 
Resourceful and disciplined, 
Finds it hard to
Showcase their emotions

If Born On 20,21,22

Competitive and Ambitious,
Intense and passionate,
 Very secretive & very observant, 
Magnetic and seductive,
Trust matters to them the most

If Born On 23,24,25

Often misunderstood,
King/Queen of sarcasm, 
Are very eccentric, 
Has excellent music taste,
Open-minded and curious

If Born On 26,27,28

Doesn't easily forgive,
Smooth talkers, 
Makes sudden decisions, 
Finds it hard to say no, 
A bit of a flirt

If Born On 29,30,31

Emotional and caring,
Very thoughtful in giving gifts, 
Loves to daydreamt, 
Has a strong imaginative mind, 
Very sensitive to their surroundings

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