What Happens to Unused Beef Cow Parts?

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According to the USDA, several cow parts, including the tongue, are regarded as a culinary treat in Japan (USDA).

However, you probably already know that not every component of a cow is edible. Hide, hooves, and skeletal structure are all unappealing leftovers.

So, what happens to the remainder of the cow carcass, and does it contribute considerably to the global meat waste?

The USDA says the bovine carcass is a valuable raw resource. Ingenuity turns some waste into by-products.

Cowhide (leather) is responsible for 75% of all cow by-products, therefore it's no surprise that it's the most well-known nonfood commodity.

The least edible bones, horns, and hooves are utilized for a variety of products, including buttons, glues, fertilizer, gelatins, and ointments.

According to Animal Smart, tallow is used in body soap, shaving cream, crayons, and paints.

Despite producing 1.4 billion tons of livestock waste yearly, the beef cow business seems to be doing its part for sustainability.

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