What Makes Beans on Toast So Famous in Britain?

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If you're feeling hungry, or, broke, beans and toast can help. Canned beans are a cupboard must-have, and bread is usually readily available.

Putting them together for a quick meal is not only a good way to save money, but also one of the easiest ways to make a meal.

Beans and toast is a traditional U.K. breakfast that has been around for a long time, but people still have strong feelings about whether or not they like it.

For some, it reminds them of happy childhood memories or desperate times at college, while for others, it's a taste that can't be explained.

Beans on toast may seem like a traditional British breakfast, but Heinz, an American ketchup company, claims they originated the dish than a century ago.

The story is that this was the company's means of selling more canned beans produced in its English plants, especially during World War I

Brits no longer ration food, but they still appreciate cheap and satisfying beans on toast. Nostalgia has brought this dish to the forefront of U.K. cuisine.

British beans in tomato sauce are less sweet than American beans in tomato sauce, which may explain why Brits enjoy the meal while Americans dislike it.

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