What Motivates Cats to Bring Dead Animals to Their Owners?

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Some cats may return to their owners' houses, and they will gladly present their owners with a freshly killed animal. Why do they do this?

There is a biological imperative for many species to instill hunting skills in their offspring. Orcas do this. Similar to these marine giants, cats are skilled and formidable predators.

According to Live Science, cats, like orcas and other species, wish to pass on their hunting skills to future generations.

Why do cat do this?

Then, it seems that those instincts are being put to use when your cat or kitten brings you a dead spider, mouse, or other tiny beast.

Also, 80% of cats kept as pets in the U.S. are either neutered or spayed. It seems like their owners are their human caretakers, so sad animals end up on our doorsteps.

Kelsey suggested to The Sun that, in keeping with their natural role, cats may be attempting to train their human companions to hunt.

Anita Kelsey, a cat behavior specialist and author of "Let's Talk About Cats," claims that our furry friends only want to make us happy.

What's more, by accompanying dead animals, they're expressing their contentment with your company.

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