What To Do With Fallen Leaves In My Garden?

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Every autumn, as temperatures drop and leaves fall, homeowners ask, "What do I do with all the leaves?"

People traditionally rake leaves into mounds, bag them, and discard them. But, is raking and dumping leaves the best option?

The Idea Behind Racking Leaves

If left to sit all winter, they will decompose into a mildewed mush that will smother your grass and prevent it from regrowing in the spring.

A dense layer of winter leaves is terrible for grass. Raking and bagging leaves is considered a good approach to prevent this. But is this really right?

Is Raking & Sending To Landfills Ok?

The raking of leaves is not the issue. Problematic is what to do with raked leaves. If you normally carry leaves to the dump, think again.

Bagging leaves and sending them to landfills is a bad idea. Leaves clog up landfills. As leaves decompose in landfills, they release methane, a dangerous greenhouse gas.

What You Should You Do?

For your grass and the ecology, mulching and composting leaves is preferable. Use rake-piled leaves as compost bin basis.

Instead of letting the leaves decay in a landfill, composting will transform them into something you can actually utilize in your garden.

You don't need to rake if the leaves are thin. Mow the leaves and gather the clippings. Dry leaves make fantastic mulch.

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