What You Can Do With Potato Peels?

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There's one part of a potato that doesn't get enough attention: the skin. After you cut it off, you're left with a pile of shaved potato peels that are going to the trash.

According to Statista, Idaho produces the most potatoes in the U.S. And, the Idaho Potato Commission recommends eating potato peels.

The Commission says russet potato skins have more nutrients than the meat, with half of a medium potato's fiber in the skin.

As an appetizer, potato skins are common on restaurant menus; they're often topped with all sorts of tasty things like bacon, cheese, onions, and sour cream.

The New York Times suggests coating a whole potato's skin with olive oil before roasting to make it crispy, then quartering, scooping out all but 1/4 inch of potato insides, & topping.

There are healthier ways to enjoy potato skins. You can make roasted potato skins using only the skins, some olive oil, and some salt.

Spread peels on a level baking sheet, toss with oil and salt, and bake at 400F for 10 to 15 minutes. Other condiments and garnishes are optional.

So, instead of throwing away the potato peels, clean them and use them to make tasty snacks.

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