What Your Birth Month Say About You?

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January Born

-has sarcastic humor
-looks tough but is an undercover softie
-rebellious but realistic/responsible
-appears heartless though they feel very deeply
-not introverted, just craves inner peace

February  Born

-questions EVERYTHING 
-dreamy and a tad bit shy
-inventive and hates unoriginality
-secretly romantic
-has a bold presence, even when they're quiet

March Born

-sympathetic overthinker
-feels music very deeply
-downplays their achievements
-can adapt to last-minute changes
-that friend that stays by your side

April Born

-charismatically awkward
-uplifting others > jealousy
-talkative but private
-hard working and ambitious
-stubborn but compromising

May Born

-finds comfort in art/music
-won't hesitate to help out a friend
-intelligent but humble about it
-aggressive yet gentle
-drawn to genuine people

June Born

-sweet talking their way out of trouble
-susceptible to boredom
-knows how to comfort you when u cry
-down to earth and understanding
-drawn to genuine people

July Born

-treats others how they want to be treated
-has an edgy sense of humor
-a homebody that still likes adventures
-sensual magnetism!
-enjoys the comfort of daydreaming

August Born

-has a "try me b*ch" attitude
-full of fun and random facts!
-generous to the *right* people
-drawn to bad boys/girls
-dedicated to achieving their life goals

September Born

-shy around new people
-nurtures their friends (og mom friend)
-kind of hard on themself
-touchy and pleasure-loving
-doesn't like snobby/diva attitudes

October Born

-inventive and has a phobia of being basic
-impulsive at times but still mindful
-will 100% stand up against a bully
-the og fashion police
-won't be pinned down!

November Born

-comes across as intense at times
-will hurt whoever hurt you
-has a lone-wolf mentality
-has a heart of gold!
-cringes at your petty drama

December Born

-has obscure interests
-feels misunderstood a lot
-adapts to last-minute changes well
-cynical yet lighthearted
-has a lot of acquaintances, but a few friends

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