What Your Period's Color Reveals About Your Health?

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When it comes to the various colors of your menstrual cycle, it's critical to understand what's normal for YOU.

It's important to remember that not every change indicates a problem. There's a wide range of possibilities. Exactly what does the color of your period indicate?

1) Bright Red

Red indicates a full-on period. The blood is "new" and the lining is shedding quickly. Some women's cycles are this color.

2) Dark Red

Usually this means a woman is in the throes of her period. This is a more common occurrence for women who have particularly heavy periods.

2) Dark Red

During this time, you may also observe small clots, which is normal. If your period is heavy and bothersome, however, your doctor can prescribe birth control to lighten.

3) Brown

Brown discharge is common at the end of a woman's cycle because it is blood that has been sitting in the uterus for a while.

3) Brown

Some women's hair turns brown for a few days, then red, and then brown again. Not everyone experiences the brown discharge. 

3) Brown

Brown discharge can be confusing if you don't know what to look for, and mistaking it for your period could result in an unintended pregnancy.

However, if you notice a greenish or clear discharge with a fishy odor at any time of the month, you should see your doctor immediately.

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