What's The Difference B/W Plant-Based & Veggies Burgers?

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As interest in sustainable diets grows for humanitarian, personal, ecological, moral, or other reasons, so has the appeal of meat replacements.

In an effort to attract consumers in the name of goodwill, labels such as "veggie" and "plant-based" have been seeing increased use on packaging.

Plant-based indicates a plant protein was utilized to manufacture the burger, which mimics meat's taste and texture. Veggie burgers don't imitate meat products.

Those with special dietary needs should know that neither label guarantees a vegan or vegetarian burger patty.

Veggie burgers are produced from plant proteins such as tofu, black beans, quinoa, soy, and other vegetable products. These burgers contain no beef products.

Healthline reports that vegetarian burgers may be lower in protein and have significantly higher salt levels than their meat and plant-based equivalents.

Plant-based burgers are challenging to define. Plant-based diets and burgers don't restrict animal ingredients, but rather favor plant products.

According to Healthline, plant-based burgers are quite variable, with some containing animal components &  others not, each having unique nutritional costs & benefits.

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