What's The Difference between Cheap & Expensive Vodka?

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There are a number of ostensibly expensive vodkas that are not worth the price, and a few prominent inexpensive vodkas that are.

There is a misconception that there is a discernible difference between cheap and expensive vodka, with the cheaper brands guaranteed to cause a severe hangover.

However, these are not the primary distinctions between inexpensive and expensive vodka, as price alone does not ensure a good or unpleasant experience.

According to Planet Money, many vodkas wind up tasting remarkably identical as a result of their standardized distillation process.

Some firms have discovered that effective marketing may convince consumers to pay more for the spirit, and for some costly vodkas.

However, there are certain pricey vodkas that are superior to others, and the reason for their high prices is the quality of their ingredients.

People associate vodka with bad things because distillers often minimize costs by using cheaper ingredients, which Pristine Vodka reveals is typical.

Consider this the next time you're shopping for booze: pricing isn't everything, but it's also not nothing. You'll have to try it to know for sure.

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