When To Stop Watering Your Lawn in Fall?

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You might think that because the seasons are changing that you no longer need to water your grass or mow it until next year, but this is not the case.

Some lawns require more water in the fall than they do in the summer, says House Grail consultant and certified lawn care professional Emilly Barbosa Fernandes.

Why not stop watering?

Watering isn't enough for fall lawn care. Aerate, fertilize, reseed, and treat weeds and pests. Cool-season grasses can be planted now.

Water helps your lawn recuperate from summer operations like fertilization. Even if fall growth slows, your grass will flourish. This requires water.

When To Stop Watering?

Continue watering until the ground freezes, but don't overdo it. Stop watering when nighttime temperatures reach the low 30s.

In colder climes, watering your grass too often and for too long might cause disease. Overwatering is a common grass issue.

Need to water in winters?

Similar to fall irrigation, winter irrigation relies on your location and the weather. In colder climates, irrigation should cease entirely.

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