Where Does The Caffeine From Decaffeinated Coffee Go?

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Have you ever wondered, as a decaf coffee drinker or as a curious thinker, what happens to the caffeine once it is extracted from decaf coffee?

The availability of several forms of decaf coffee suggests that a sizable quantity of caffeine has been removed and is being kept in secret.

Where caffeine goes?

Are they discarded, or is someone else utilizing them? The million-dollar solution could be found in other significant businesses where caffeine plays a crucial role.

To other industries!

Soda and pharmaceutical businesses buy caffeine from decaf coffee producers for a significant portion of the earnings, as revealed by The Wall Street Journal.

The majority of the caffeine in sodas, iced teas, energy drinks, and energy pills comes from this.

How caffeine is removed?

According to NPR, there are multiple methods for removing caffeine, and the major corporations for doing so are based anywhere from the United States to China.

One method!

One company in Houston pumps a chemical through beans to extract the caffeine, which is then sprayed with water to wash the carbon dioxide out and leaving the caffeine.

Another method!

Others simply used water, while others are exclusively dedicated to refining caffeine, removing contaminants, and then selling it to businesses.

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