Whether to Use Butter or Oil to Grease a Pan?

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The two most frequent types of cooking grease you use at home are butter and oil, but depending on what you're making, you may want to swap up your go-to pan prep.

For Making Scrambled Eggs

When cooking eggs, you should use butter. Regular butter also works; use unsalted so you may season your own eggs.

In a pan, melt the butter over medium heat, then add the eggs and continue cooking at a low simmer until the mixture reaches the appropriate consistency.

For Making Fried Eggs

For perfect fried eggs every time, heat some olive oil in a shallow pan until it begins to bubble, then break eggs into the oil.

While butter can be used, oil is the better option for frying eggs if you prefer a runny yolk and a satisfyingly crispy white.

For Making Pancakes

There is no single correct response for pancakes: Some chefs choose butter, while others swear by oil for greasing their pan or griddle.

When pancakes are flipped in normal butter, they may brown too quickly and burn before they are fully cooked. Therefore, use oil instead.

For Making Lunch & Dinner

When cooking at high heat, such as when searing a piece of meat, sautéing vegetables, or reducing leafy greens, butter can readily brown and even burn.

When prepping your pan for sautéeing and cooking, you might wish to stick with oil. There is a wide variety of oils available, and many recipes will recommend a specific one.

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