Which Dog Breeds Are Most Calm?

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1) Boerboel

Bring home a cuddle bug if you have a peaceful home with no other pets; they may be wary of strange animals.

2) Newfoundland

These supersized furry pals are great for soothing your family because they are not easily excitable.

3) Pekingese

The Buddha himself created the kind, loyal Pekingese breed. We can't say for sure, but we think these little pups will bring you good fortune.

4) Bernese Mountain Dogs

They are ideal family dogs because they are happy to play rough with the kids or lounge in the sun.

5) French Bulldog

Due to their small legs, these alien-looking faces frequently slumber after going for a stroll. They're low-noise, adaptable, and ideal for confined spaces like flats.

6) Irish Wolfhound

They created this gentle giant to get rid of wolves in Ireland, but now they live like royalty. Highly pliable, easily taught, and empathic

7) Basset Hound

Those eyes... could they really be real? Due to the Basset's adaptability, their ears can droop low and be tied in a bow.

8) King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

According to the AKC, the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel has flowing locks, a friendly appearance, and a calm personality. They can also be used as therapy animals.

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