Why Are Orange Cats More Aggressive?

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Red and orange cats have long suffered from negative connotations. We set out to debunk the common belief that orange tabby cats are naturally hostile and vicious.

Are The Friendly?

Orange tabby cats are more likely to be friendly and affectionate than other types of cats, according to a study conducted in 2015.

In other words, ginger cats are likely to be a bit more laid-back than other cats, if we take a very broad perspective.

What about aggression?

There are a few credible hypotheses though which say, orange cats are predominantly male, so they exhibit the highest levels of testosterone of any cat color.

Orange tabby cats' reputation for crankiness and "craziness" may be due to the fact that their aggressive tendencies are more common in male cats.

It can be due to male factor!

However, it is somewhat debatable whether testosterone is truly responsible for feline aggression. Some believe that aggression may cause an increase in testosterone.

As a result, orange tabby cats likely stand out slightly more than other cats, which may explain why a stereotype has developed about them.

Although the stereotype of orange tabby cats as being grumpy and mean persists, this breed of cat is often just as friendly and adorable as any other.

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