Why Cocktails Are Always Served With Garnish?

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There's the allure of a remarkable cocktail garnish: A pineapple wedge over a pia colada transports you to the tropics before you even sip the drink.

A cocktail garnish's visual appeal might hint to a drink's flavors. But, the lemon twist in your cocktail is more than just a pretty addition.

Garnish Enhance the Flavor

Berries, citrus wedges, and olives add taste to cocktails, which can balance or accentuate the other ingredients.

How They Enhance Flavor?

Instead of leaving the lemon wedge on top of your Tom Collins, try dropping it in or squeezing it to add some more acidity to your drink.

It's important to treat garnishes as you would any other ingredient in a drink and think about how they'll complement the other components.

Even if you don't ingest the garnishes themselves, their aromatic contributions to a cocktail can profoundly affect the drinking experience and the drink's flavor.

Enhancing The Aroma

That's because, as reported by Scientific American, the perception of flavor is a multi-step process that depends heavily on our sense of smell.

So, the next time you make a drink at home, take a cue from your favorite bartender and don't skip the garnish.

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