Why Do Even Female Dogs Hump?

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Your dog best friend is frolicking at the dog park. Everything's fine until you see her huddling another dog. Eek! Female dogs hump. Why?

Due to the fact that every dog is different, not all puppies will display the same habits. However, it is rather usual for all dogs to hump.

According to a 2019 study, 11 percent of the participating canines were observed to be humps. You are not alone in trying to deal with your dog's embarrassing humps.

Not just male dogs do this. When we think about humps, we rarely think of female dogs. Regardless of sex, most people hump.

So Only Male Dogs Do It?

There are a few potential causes of humps in female dogs. Female dogs' humming has nothing to do with mating all the time.

Why Female Dogs Hump?

Instead, your female puppy may be humping as a result of stress or excitement. That's because humping can just be a technique for your dog to release excess energy.

It May Be Stress or Excitement!

In moderation, dog humps are normal. If the behavior doesn't disturb either dog and you know both, it may not be a problem.

What Should You Do?

Instead, in instances when humps are likely to occur, try gently diverting your dog's focus to something else or distracting him.

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