Why Fresh Mozzarella Taste Different From Packed One?

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Although they share the same name, fresh mozzarella cheese and packaged mozzarella cheese taste so dissimilar that they may be two separate types of cheese.

According to eHow, the discrepancy is due to the two 'M's of mozzarella production: milk and moisture.

The Milk Difference

Whole milk is used to produce fresh mozzarella cheese, which can be found in delicatessens, specialty stores, and possibly some grocery stores.

The Milk Difference

While some processed mozzarella cheese may be manufactured using whole milk, the most majority is probably made with skim or part-skim milk to increase its shelf life.

Moisture Content

To keep the moisture level of fresh mozzarella at a minimum of 52%, it will be vacuum packaged while still in its thick liquid condition.

In contrast, mozzarella cheese that is packaged will have a moisture content of less than 50 percent, making it less perishable.

Moisture Content


Fresh mozzarella should be consumed within one day after purchase, whereas packaged mozzarella can be refrigerated for approximately one week.

How They Are Used?

Fresh and packaged mozzarella are different cheeses and should be cooked differently. Heating fresh mozzarella on a tomato slice makes a wonderful snack or side dish.

In contrast to fresh mozzarella, packaged mozzarella can be grated easily for flawless melting into popular recipes like pizza and lasagna.

Nutritional Value

Fresh and processed mozzarella cheeses should be utilized differently in cooking, but their nutritional worth is similar, except for sodium level.

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