Why Is My Dog Eating Grass?

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Dogs are omnivores and should eat animal and plant foods. Even so, it could be unsettling to come home and find your dog tearing up your grass. Why?

90 percent of dog owners in a recent survey admitted that their canine companions occasionally or often consumed grass and other green vegetation.

Why It Happens?

Sometimes, dogs do eat grass when they have an upset stomach. Grass can produce vomiting, which helps nauseated dogs.

Only 25% of dogs in the survey were found to vomit after ingesting grass, and only 10% of dog owners reported any symptoms before their dogs ingested grass.

According to veterinarians, a dog's grass-eating behavior may be motivated by pleasure, taste, or even boredom and worry.

Is It Safe?

Grass may be an odd choice for a snack, but it is not inherently bad. It can provide a source of fiber, assist dogs bulk up their feces, and aid in digestion.

In most circumstances, your dog can eat grass. Parents should make sure their dogs don't consume grass, twigs, or litter.

What To Do?

How To Stop Them?

Your dog may be chewing too much grass, but there are steps you can take to curb the behavior. Getting them to stop thinking about it is usually the best solution.

You can try to get them to focus on something besides what you want them to see. Leash them up and walk them away from the grassy area or use toys to keep them occupied.

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