Why Many Smokers Prefer Coffee With Cigarette?

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A new study found that coffee influenced the brain's nicotine receptors, which may explain why so many smokers pair their first cigarette of the day with a cup of joe.

Two chemicals in coffee have been isolated by American scientists as having an immediate impact on the brain's high-sensitivity nicotine receptors.

A research group from the University of Florida found chemicals in brewed coffee that may reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms among morning smokers.

Compounds impact brain nicotine receptors directly. Nicotine withdrawal can make smokers' receptors hypersensitive.

While alcohol's influence on nicotine receptors in the brain has been examined extensively, coffee's relationship has not.

Caffeine is a popular stimulant that many people enjoy first thing in the morning, but there are likely other compounds in coffee that make cigarette smokers crave it.

The researchers determined that an organic chemical molecule in coffee may help fix the malfunctioning of nicotine receptors that causes nicotine cravings in smokers.

Papke stated n-MP, a coffee component, may curb morning nicotine cravings. "Morning caffeine is why many people drink coffee."

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