Why Mercury Is Found In Sea Food?

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Seafood contains mercury, which we should limit. But, you're also not alone if you've wondered if you're getting enough fish oil.

Mercury levels vary by fish and by how much you eat, so watch your intake. But why is mercury so prevalent in seafood?

Mercury can be found in nature in rocks, soil, and water, as well as in the atmosphere as a byproduct of pollution, according to Foodprint.org.

It falls from the atmosphere and ends up in oceans and large bodies of water. Bacteria in the water convert it to the extremely toxic methylmercury.

Methylmercury is taken in by fish both through their diet & the water that flows over their gills. The mercury content increases as one moves up the seafood food chain.

Plankton are tiny animals and plants that absorb mercury. This plankton is eaten by smaller fish. Larger fish consume smaller fish, & then we eat them.

Over their lifetime, older, larger fish are more likely to have accumulated higher mercury levels. There is no way to reduce mercury levels in fish and shellfish flesh.

What is the most effective way to reduce your consumption? Stick to the base of the food chain and consume fish and shellfish of a smaller size.

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