Why Pet Cats Scratch Sofas?

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Scientists have determined that cats who feel close to their owners are more prone to damage household goods. Ummm … thanks, kitty?

How Scratching & Bonding are linked?

Scientists found that cats who scratched furniture and destroyed stuff the most were emotionally close to their owners.

This evaluation was based on interviews with cat owners and the level of detail with which they described their cats' personality and conduct.

However, those who claimed their cat never harmed furniture reported less of an emotional connection to their feline companions.

Scratching appeared to be corrected less than aggression, excessive vocalization (meowing), and peeing outside the litter box.

The Female Link

90% of survey participants were female, and emotional intimacy was higher in this group than in male owners. Cats might prefer females.

Also, having additional pets and frequent vet visits were associated with a higher degree of emotional attachment between cats and their owners.

Cats are far more social than we give them credit for, and their affection for us is clearly boundless.

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