Why & When to Reboot Your Router?

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Shutting down your computer occasionally can boost its performance. However, you may not be aware that restarting your router has the same effect on your network.

How Often to Do?

This question has no perfect or scientific answer. But, it is often a good idea to reset the primary Internet router every few months.

It is recommended that the first action you take when resolving an Internet connection issue in a residential or consumer setting is to reboot the router.

Why Should You Do?

Rebooting the router occasionally improves security. Regularly restarting your router will keep you and your family secure.

It's highly recommended that you reset your router every so often. Rebooting your router on a regular basis can help your connection speed significantly.

Better Internet Speed

Consumer Reports says your ISP assigns each gadget a temporary IP address. Temporary addresses can change. Your connection may slow if your router misses the update.

Protection Against Hackers

However, there are other benefits to rebooting your router besides online purchasing. As a bonus, it safeguards against hackers. 

Overall, Rebooting your router is a good initial step for internet problems. It fixes slow connections and keeps you safe.

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