Why Your Dog Cries For You?

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Researchers in Japan have discovered that dogs weep similarly to humans. However, what does it imply when dogs cry?

Do they experience identical emotional responses to happiness and grief as humans, or is it something more instinctual?

This dog study is the first to publish evidence of a connection between emotions and reactions, which had long been considered to be absent in dogs.

18 canines were first surveyed for the dog study. The owners of the dogs collected a predetermined amount of their pets' tears for the tests.

After collecting tears, researchers compared them to canines reunited with their owners after 7 hours. Dogs reunited with their owners shed 10% more tears than usual.

To complete their study, the researchers released 20 canines to non-owners. Dogs' tear volume didn't change when welcoming strangers.

Even while there is still a lot we don't know about dogs' emotional intelligence, this study demonstrates that, like humans, dogs cry during happy interactions.

Dogs can perceive human emotions, but it wasn't known if they had bodily responses. Now owners can be sure their pet is crying from joy.

Kikusui believes oxytocin may cause this emotional reaction. Humans produce oxytocin, the love hormone. It causes amorous sensations and excitement.

The synthesis of this hormone in dogs supports the belief that when a dog sees its owner, it cries out of profound happiness and affection.

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