Why Your Muffins Come Out Dried Out?

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Nothing seems to save you from dry, unimpressive muffins occasionally, whether you're using a classic recipe or a box mix.

Each muffin liner gets the same quantity of batter, so they bake evenly. But, why does your favorite breakfast still always turn out dry?

Dry muffins may not be due to your baking skills or recipe. The Kitchn says your muffin tin may be at blame for dry treats.

In fact, muffins that are left to cool in the pan don't cool at all. The muffin tray is still hot because it was just removed from the oven.

Because of the heat, the muffins continue to bake, leaving you with a hard, dry breakfast at the end.

You do not, however, have to consume a dozen dry muffins if you uncover this discovery too late or forget the crucial cooling stage.

You may rescue your slightly overbaked pastries by adding some moisture back in. Simply brush the tops of your muffins with a little milk before they cool fully.

If you really overdid it, you may always steam the muffins for a few minutes before eating them.

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