Women Want Men To Stop Doing These Things!

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1) Men should stop blaming everything on women's periods. If we are angry or tensed, it doesn't means its periods.

2) Pretending like they can't learn simple household things. This is easy & should be able to learn.

3) Sending wrong or unsolicited pictures to women. This should stop altogether. 

4) Treating women like they are some very different species and not treating them as humans.

5) Expecting women to be subservient housewife, who earns and contribute half. 

6) To stop your friends from making sexist remarks about women and not joining them in this.

7) Stopping mentoring women. Surely you should give advice but not mentor them. It feels weird.

8) Telling women to smile or saying you look good when smile. It has nothing to do with you!

9) Turning angry when women told them not to do some things. Some, men can't tolerate a simple No!

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