Worst Cities For Driving In U.S.

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9) Philadelphia

Philadelphia has lots of traffic and small disputes on the road result in traffic jams.

8) Houston

Another city with heavy traffic around office hours and even in the night. Small distractions result in accidents.

7) San Antonio, Texas

Sitting in jams results in wastage of your time and money, that could have benefited you.

6) Boston

Boston sees a lot of people losing their valuable time due to high traffic and jams.

5) Los Angeles

An attractive city for tourists, How can you expect there will be traffic and jams?

4) Austin, Texas

Another Texas city with a bad reputation of a lot of traffic and bad driving. 

3) Miami

Number three spot with 57.32 points in terms of traffic and jams. Also, money wastage sitting in jams.

2) Chicago

People driving in Chicago lose a lot of time while sitting in traffic and also it is the city with high distracted-deaths.

1) New York City

With a lot of population and it's high demand, you can expect it to be the worst city for driving in the whole U.S.

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