One simple ingredient improves chilli.

Changing your chilli recipe could improve your already-perfect meal. What could be better? Simple swapping works.

 Instead of water or stock, deglaze the pan with booze after browning the meat. Food52 says red wine, hard cider, or beer adds more flavour than water.

Imagine cooking pasta or rice in stock or juice. Substituting flavorful liquid for water will impress guests. No, cooking with alcohol won't make you drunk

Even using a sweeter wine or flat beer from the back of the fridge transforms the taste of beer can chicken, penne alla vodka, and mussels in white wine sauce.

It's highly unlikely that anyone has ever had vodka sauce without the vodka, as the alcohol is what gives the sauce its unique flavour

Why Cook With Alcohol?

According to Food52's Hillary Polluck, alcohol enhances the flavour and aroma of food by bonding with fat and water molecules.

Why Cook With Alcohol?

When marinades and sauces are made with alcohol, the flavour of the meat is more easily absorbed.

Why Cook With Alcohol?

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