Zodiac Signs Who Are Always Obssesed With Their Ex

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Obsession with EX

We all have relationships and for once we have all been through breakups. Surely it takes some time to get over a breakup but some people can't get over their ex even for years, 

Zodiac Signs

Those people stay stuck. But it looks like their obsession with their ex has something to do with astrology. There are zodiac signs who are more likely to stay obsessed with their ex. 

6) Taurus

Taurus is one of the most loyal people out there which means they do things from the heart & if they get a heartbreak they will stay obsessed with that person & keep checking on them.

5) Virgo

Virgos are the ones who will blame themselves after the breakup and think about things, they had done wrong. As they are overthinkers, they most likely scroll through their ex accounts. 

4) Aquarius

Aquarius has a spiritual side that beliefs in soulmates and love, so if things don't go the right way in relationships, it will make them obsessive with their ex. 

3) Leo

Leo keeps tabs on their ex because they want to see that they are the winner after the breakup and they think that after a breakup, their ex can't be with better than them.

2) Pisces

Pisces are the ones who fall for anyone who gives them love and compassion and this trait goes hard on them later. They will check on their ex for a chance that they will get them back. 

1) Scorpio

Surprising but it is true, the mysterious zodiac sign is the most obsessive with their ex. If they do love, they do it from bottom of their heart. So they get obsessed after a breakup.

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