Zodiac Signs Who Make Worst Couples!

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Aries & Taurus

When an Aries or Taurus takes a stance, no one will budge. Aries is irritated by Taurus' constant desire to know their position.

Taurus & Sagittarius

Taurus prefers a calm night at home, while Sagittarius is always eager to get out. Taurus dislikes Sagittarius' psychological manipulations. Taurus cannot cope with Sagittarius.

Gemini & Capricorn

Want disaster? Take a zodiac sign known for leisure and conversation (Gemini) and pair it with a sign known for hard labor and planning (Aries) (Capricorn).

Cancer & Aquarius

Cancer is a homebody compared to Aquarius. Cancer is so independent that they may believe they don't need Aquarius, but they need to be appreciated.

Leo & Scorpio

Scorpios won't compliment you, and everyone must admire Leo. Leos are charming and flirtatious because...? Scorpio is jealous.

Virgo & Sagittarius

Virgo thinks Sagittarians are too carefree and don't consider others' feelings. Virgo worries when they disappear for weeks.

Libra & Virgo

Virgos criticize Libra, which causes Libra to mistrust themselves. Libra despises Virgos' need to be right and their realism. Why are Virgos so pessimistic?

Scorpio & Aries

A Scorpio/Aries relationship is fiery, combative, and confrontational, which is perfect for Shakespeare but not for real life. 

Sagittarius & Capricorn

Get used to saying, "You never allow me to have fun," Sagittarius, if you're dating a Capricorn. Instead of dating a Capricorn, hire them as an executive.

Pisces & Virgo

Pisces are sensitive and dreamy, whereas Virgos are realistic. You collide as opposites. You can be friends with Virgo.

Aquarius & Taurus

Neither of these signs of the zodiac understands the other. Aquarius is uninterested since Taurus will argue their position over and over again.

Gemini & Cancer

Cancers tend to relax at home, while Geminis love gatherings, but if you both have a sense of humor, it could work. They're not bad, but they're flawed.

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